It is often too easy for people to do the wrong thing instead of doing the right thing. Though, what is wrong and what is right are relative in nature but, certain norms and standards have to an extent been accepted to be right or wrong. In this article are some facts that my research revealed to me are responsible for people compromising their stands.
We do wrong for the following reasons:
• Fear of being odd: the fear of been seen as the odd person in a given setting is one major cause of losing motivation to do the right thing while you are supposed to do the right thing. Nobody wants to be called names anymore. We now live in the world of conformity where people always want to live according to the custom and tradition of the prevailing time. Learn to develop a thick skin and say no to the life of conformity.
• Fear of the unknown: so many people choose to tell lies and fail to do what is right because they are afraid of the unknown.
• Ignorant of the truth behind honesty: ignorant of knowing what is right and what is wrong is another reason why people do wrong in place of doing right.
• Financial and economic reasons: money motivation is one of the principal culprits of the reasons why people engage in doing bad. People by nature are greedy and would do all that it takes to gain financial and economic benefits. We loose motivation most times because we don’t want to loose the financial and economic benefits we stand to gain.
• Status quo: what will people say about me if I stand for the truth? How will people see me if I support to the motion that is against the opinion of the class that I am in.
• Bondage: we loose motivation for doing the right things most times because of the different bondages we have placed ourselves into. It could be that we have covenanted with the devil to always do things as we are directed to do even when our conscious is against it.
• Peer pressure: peer pressure can make us loose motivation doing the right thing we are supposed to do. Our best bet is to avoid pressures from our peers. This may be difficult to do but can be achieved if we actually wanted to do so.
The reasons for losing motivation to do the right things are numerous but the above points are the most common causes of lost of motivation.
Get motivated, stay motivated and enjoy!