Who colonized success?

Very many people have condemned themselves to mediocrity. They believe that success is the exclusive right of certain group of people in the society. Unknown to them is the fact that they are the ones that ‘colonized their’ own success.

Success and failure are among those things that cannot come to us without our consent (directly or indirectly). The interesting part of it is that our life cannot be void of either (failure or success). One must surely come whether you like it or not. Find out how to move from rags to riches by reading this article with rapt attention

One common characteristics of those that condemn themselves to mediocrity is that they submit themselves to the flimsy “whims and caprices” of temporary obstacles. They forget what Henry Ford said “failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently”. Always give yourself the benefit of doubt of “second chance”. Don’t give up easily on those little tests of life.

Remember that Iron sharpest Iron. Do you know what a furnace is? I assume you know, and if my assumption is true, you will agree with me that GOLD cannot be purified unless they pass through the hottest furnace. Below are those traits or characteristics that those you think colonized your success posses.

  • Persistence: ASK THOMAS EDISON the importance of persistence and perseverance. “Success colonial master” learnt to never say NO to these flimsy “whims and caprices” of temporary obstacle.
  • Open minds’ eyes: Successful people tend to see opportunities where others are seeing threats. Your minds’ eyes are like dogs that constantly sniffing for things to take advantage of. The skills of developing these minds’ eyes are inborn in everybody. The difference is in the mental alertness – always be at alert to take up advantages as they come up. They don’t try to re-invent the wheel; they only need to realign it.
  • They are organized people: Success people are goal setters. They set goals for all they do. They manage their resources wisely. This includes their time. Try being organized today and see what it will transform you into.
  • Clarity in communication: Success masters are also masters of communication. They learn the art of communication and apply it to their everyday life. Here is what they have to say;
    1. Tell them what you want to tell them,
    2. Tell them, and
    3. Tell them what you have told them.

Looking at the above tells all about them.

  • They are also “wise sowers”:  these set of people sow freely without thinking. They sow generously in other peoples’ life. That way, they are simply attracting more abundance to themselves.

I tell you, these things are dead early; the only thing you used to do them is motivation. So Get Motivated, Stay Motivated and enjoy all the success of life. To your success party!

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