Ways to find out when stress is about setting in


Symptoms of stress vary from Individual-to-Individual, Nation-to-Nation, Race-to-Race, etc. However these variations might be, there are signs or symptoms that will forewarn you of a possible breakdown due to stress. The symptoms listed here are not exhaustive, below are the most common symptoms of stress.


  • Getting tired easily. When you notice that your energy level has reduced, take an inward look to ascertain the actual cause of this latest development. If you notice there is no verifiable evidence, it could then be a sign of avoidable stress. Quickly act by consulting your physician.
  • Constant headache. Headaches are generally caused by physical and environmental stress.
  • Excess alcohol intake. Alcohol on its own might not cause stress, but when you take too much of it, could signal danger. On the average, man by nature will always want to find solace whenever things are perceived not to be moving according to plan. When you find your self indulging in certain things, always do yourself good by seeking professional advice.
  • Forgetfulness. Though we are all prone to forget things, but when it becomes excessive, watch out for other symptoms before you conclude.
  • Worrying or being fearful. Normal human persons don’t worry so much to the extent that they fear even the air around them. When you begin to worry a lot, examine yourself to make sure you are not taking the wrong step.
  • Anxiety and nervousness. These are surefire signs that stress is setting in, if not already there. Anger is the next thing that follows these two- and you know the destructive nature of anger.
  • Lost of appetite. Though ordinary sickness can make one loose appetite, but when other symptoms of other sickness are not present, it is probably a sign of being stressed.
  • Temperamental and Irritability. Little anger here and there are part of normal living but too much of it is a sing of stress.

All hope is not lost when you notice these signs; the key is learning how to manage stress effectively. Coping with stress is like lifting weights. To be successful, a weight lifter must prepare properly beforehand. He lifts the weights correctly and avoids lifting too much weight. If he takes such steps, he builds strong muscles without damaging his body. Permit me at this point to introduce to you an expert in stress management; she is a woman that has dedicated all her life trying to help people come out of stress. Her name is SUSAN; you can meet her at http://www.abc-stress.com/. In the meantime, Get Motivated, stay Motivated and enjoy all the good things of life.