Owing to the fact that stress can be caused by; Environmental, Social, Physical, Political and Psychological factors, steps to be taken to reduce it will be tailored having in mind that one measure alone cannot adequately take care of every kinds of stress. Hence, tips will be provided based on the category of stress in question.


  • Setting and Developing Realistic Goals for yourself. Human beings by nature are afraid of doing things that they know for sure will not work. Setting and developing a realistic goal for yourself will help give you the assurance that you are not just building you castle in the air. This removes the occasional increase in pulse. It may interest you to know that increase in pulse is the primary cause of stress and its related diseases.
  • Organizing and planning your time and day. There is no substitute for organizing and planning your activities as far as stress management is concerned. This must not be a comprehensive/detailed work. It could be a list of those to call and places to visit. Also, organizing and planning will help you avoid losing so much time that might strain you while trying to recover it.
  • Taking regular break from busy schedule. This is the best antidote for work load related stress. Our body needs rest to function properly. No matter how short these breaks may be, there effects on the body cannot be neglected, you can discuss with your boss if you are employed. Tell him/her that you work better when you take regular break- a rational boss will grant that, provided you do not over do it. And if you self employed, I don’t have to tell you what to do, you know it.


  • Learning to say no to things you cannot do. This will save you a lot of heartache. Youths and teenagers are mostly trapped in situations that they cannot help but be stressed-up. Say no to adventures if you know you cannot venture into it without relative peace of mind.
  • Getting a regular hobby. Research has shown that we get more energetic while doing what we enjoy most. This could be as simple as playing with children. It must not be something formal.


  • Talking to your self positively. Self talk has proved to be one of the most powerful self development tools. It can be used to destroy oneself if not properly used. Learn to talk to your self positively. The joy that comes from self assurance is strong enough to expel stress. You will do your self a lot of good by reading blogs strictly dedicated to stress management.
  • Talking to a close friend or relation. Problem shared is half solved is an old cliché. As useful as this may be, try not to unnecessarily confined in people. Avoid ‘dream-takers’ ‘and doom-seers’ in your bid to employ this technique.
  • Laughing more often as humour is a good medicine. Finding time to laugh is a good way of saying bye to stress. So many people get it all wrong here by mistaking genuine laughter with simple outward and fake laughter. Look inward or inside yourself and find a genuine reason to laugh. The healing potential of laughter and smile can never be trade-off for anything else. You can also fight stress with the power of financial freedom

RECOMMENDED FOODS THAT CAN HELP REDUCE STRESS. Irrespective of the kind of stress, healthy style of eating can help reduce stress. Stress causes proliferation of free radicals in the body that leads to cell damage. Since this is true, foods that contain antioxidants have shown potentials in the area of stress management (fighting stress and reversing the damaged cells) hence, take more of them. Some examples are; Herbs and plant roots, ginseng, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E. Consult your food nutritionist for more advice. Also, avoid taking too much alcohol.

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Have fun as you apply these simple steps to reduce stress of any kind in your life. One last phrase; Get Motivated, Stay Motivated and enjoy life to the fullest. To your stress free life!