Taking life the musicians’ way- arguably the best way to tackle life’s challenges.

Have you ever imagined what this world of ours will look like if everybody should take this life like a stage? On stage, you will try to put in your best. And if by chance you don’t know it yet, let me tell you now- “NO AMOUNT OF OBSTACLE OR LIFE CHALLENGE CAN SURVIVE THE HEAT WHEN YOU PUT IN YOUR BEST.”

Watch musicians on stage performing and you will discover what I am talking about. Most musicians on stage force themselves into a mood that will portray the theme of their music. And you know it really works for them. Some force fears out of their own eyes just to put their audience in a sober mood, or cry along with them if possible.

Now, apply this musician’s technique to life’s challenges and see if it will not obey. Do you know that “the worst thing that can ever happen is that the worst happens?” aha! I have got you thinking already.

The worst thing that can happen is that your finance collapse along with the economic meltdown, the worst thing is not that you will die along your finance or develop heart attack just because your finances are no more.

One of my mentors always tells me that 99.9% of the things we worry ourselves over never happen. Take life the musicians’ way. Many musicians have loads of problems at home before coming on stage. But that wouldn’t stop them from putting in their best on stage. They see life from the perspective of children. Children are also like musicians.

You will see a child playing even while their home/house is on fire. In most cases, the parents or guidance may die of heart related disease while the child still lives on and grow into adult. The problem is that they quickly loose that childhood way of life and follow us, too bad!

Research has proved that musicians are among the happiest people. The simple reason behind this is that they always assume they are on stage. And while on stage, they always forget their problems. This assumed stage life later transforms into reality in their life.

All I have to tell you as a patting word is that you Get Motivated the musicians’ way, Stay Motivated and enjoy all the good things of life including those that money cannot buy.