Success- doing it the painters’ way.

One of the groups of people that so much understand the principles of success are the ‘traditional painters’. They understand that success don’t just happen over-night. They know that little drop of water eventually makes an ocean.

Have you ever passed an unpainted building in the morning while going to work only to notice while coming back from work that the building has been painted? I used to think they (painters) just flip their magic wand on the building and it automatically take a new look.

This my funny thinking changed the day I was opportune to keep a painter company while he was doing it (painting). I initially thought he was not going to finish the work that same day because, he was doing it gradually. In my unease, I asked, when will you finish this work of yours? He simply replied – painters know that success is a gradual process.

This saying of his threw me into thinking. Could it be that painters actually understood the principles of success? After a while of mind “bulging”, I finally realized that yes, painters truly understand the principle behind success. ONE-THING-AT-A-TIME.

You probably have attained some greatness in life. The question is – were you born to be what you are today? I guess your answer will be a thunderous NO just like mine. Greatness is not an overnight success. A lot of people have wasted their life while trying to achieve greatness overnight just because they notice that their friend or colleague just got one breakthrough in life. Have you sat down to ask the amount of time and other resources invested in that success you so much envy?

Every success in life has its own price. The painters appreciate these principles on time. They learnt the job; invest their time in applying what they learnt (painting) and they got result.

You too can learn to be successful; the painters way today. All you need do is get motivated, stay motivated and enjoy all the good things of life- including success!