Signpost to success, motivation and happiness – yet a failure.


I get infuriated when I see people living the life of a signpost. They show people the way to success and yet remain; unsuccessful, unmotivated and unhappy. They are “action-LESS” people, yet full of words that influence the life of others in no small way.

I even get more vexed when I compare the life style that the so-called ‘PASTORS’ of our time lead. Most of them live exactly the opposite of what they preach on the pulpit day-in-day-out.

Now, I want you to carry out this little exercise with me. Breath-in, hold it for 8 seconds and then breathe-out. The reason why I said you should do this is that you might tell me the truth. Are you ready to tell me the truth? Ok! Are you living the life of a signpost?

Hay! Hold it there. Don’t be in a hurry to read further. Take out five minutes to answer this question before proceeding. If you answered NO to the above question, thumbs-up for you, and keep it up, and if your answer is YES, keep reading because no hope is lost at all. The next few bulleted paragraphs you will be reading next will be loaded with tips that can pull you out of such ‘hypocritical’ situation.


  • Acceptance and Honesty. Being honest with your self and accepting that you have a problem is the key to any self development therapy. Remember that honesty is the best policy.
  • Openness and willingness. One thing is to be honest with yourself that you have problem, another thing is to have an open mind. Prepare your mind to accept whatever help that is in form of input. Be willing to share your problem with trusted people around you.
  • Zeal and Desire. Every remarkable achievement in ones life starts with zeal and desire for it. Desire success, motivation and happiness and see your self transformed over night into a doer.
  • Seek divine grace and help. It is a well known fact that the spiritual often controls a physical. Always have it at the back of your mind that on our own, we can do nothing- but with God, we can do all things. Paul puts it right by saying. “…I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” Note that he didn’t say some things. Seek Him today and you will be glad you did.
  • Discover yourself. What is it that you are good at? Answering this question will not pose a big problem if you had actively sought the face of God. It is possible that you have all the while been in the wrong kind of business/vocation/career/profession/trade etc, and this has chiefly been responsible for your ‘action-less’ life. A simple rule of thumb is to do those things that always make you happy.
  • Get a mentor. Before or after crossing the above hurdles, try and get yourself a mentor. What this person will be doing for you will include keeping you in check so that you don’t derail along the line. If you are sure you are tired of living a life of signpost, and then go the NIKE way, JUST DO IT! Just get motivated, stay motivated and enjoy all the good things of life- including success and happiness. To your victory party!