Science of goal setting – why learn it?

 “Clarity is power”. More clarity is more powerful. The science of goal setting implies clarity. Tell me how you can successfully walking through dark alleys full of thorns without being hurt if you do not have light to illuminate your path. Goals are the light that illuminates our paths in this exciting and challenging world of ours. This article will give you tips on the science of goal setting.

One thing I have come to realize about Scientist is that; they don’t think of ‘what’ they want to invent, rather they think ‘from’ their invention. Same applies to goal setting – don’t think of your goal, rather think from your goal. This implies that for you to think from your goal, it must be written down in ‘black and white’. That way, you can think from it.

Some of the vital ingredients that are indispensable in the science of goal setting are: 

  • LEVERAGE: Other people’s experience is one lever that we all can use as a stepping stone to the thorny journey of goal setting. Look out for people that have already achieve what you are struggling with and see how they were able to achieve it through goal setting.
  • PASSION FOR SUCCESS: Developing passion for success will have no choice but to spur you into action and you won’t know when you finish setting goals that would ordinarily take you years to set if at all it will be set. Be passionate about every worthwhile venture that you want to go into.
  • MENTAL PICTURE: This can work from both ends. You can develop a mental picture of the worst thing that can happen if you fail as a result of not setting goals. The fear of failing will be a motivating factor that will push us into action. Also on the other spectrum, developing a mental picture of the joy that will come from succeeding as a result of having a good goal will do same to your energy level as far as motivation is concerned.
  • ASKING QUESTION: You can unknowingly set enormous goals by simply trying to provide an answer to a set of question you ask yourself. Note however, that these questions must be relevant and challenging for it to move that inner giant in you into doing great things.
  • BEING REALISTIC: taking stock of your strengths, and weaknesses, ‘your haves’ and ‘have nots’ will help place you in a position to set better goals. Mastering intelligent and calculated evaluation is key to good goal setting.
  • SENSE OF URGENCY: Setting concrete time frame for our self to achieve a goal will leave us with no choice than to act. This is a surefire way of kicking procrastination out-with VEXATION.
  • COMMITMENT: There is no substitute for being committed to what you are doing. Science of goal setting is not an exception. Goal setting is like every other endeavour we set out for our self. You cannot be good at it if you don’t rehearse & practice on a daily basis.
  • SPIRITUAL REALM: Arguably the most important aspect of goal setting is to resort to the infinite intelligence. The Bible which is the best motivational book that has ever been written have this to say “…thrust in the Lord with all thy heart & lean not unto thy own understanding, in all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct all thy path …”

Apply these techniques, and see yourself motivated into smart goal setting   that will help you have all you want in life including these that many cannot buy.

To your success in goal setting!