Motivation- the almighty formulae for personal development.


You can only force the Horse to the river but can do nothing to force the horse drink. Thirst proceeds actualization of any worthwhile achievement. Statistics has shown that there are billions of materials out there on personal development but, only a fraction of those materials are actually read.

Even from the fraction that were read, only yet another fraction actually implement the content of the material read.

The question now is what happened to the ‘fantastic’ billions of books / articles on personal development out there? And what is responsible for this ‘not too encouraging result’?

In my research, I have come to discover that lack of motivation is chiefly behind this disappointing result. Hence, find in the remaining part of this article useful tips that will help boost your level of motivation that will in turn help you get that result that you so much desired (both in areas of personal development and general development – finance inclusive)

One of the ways to get the right kind of motivation that drives you to do things in order to achieve that strongly desired result is to – create a mental picture of uncomfortable zone in your current situation. Doing this will not only motivate you but will awaken the sleeping giant in you and send it to work in your favour. I am not saying that you become pessimistic at this point. No, in fact, becoming pessimistic is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Simply bringing to mind those ugly experiences of yours that are caused by the lack of what you are pursuing will generically generate unusual strength that will help you take action.

Another thing that you can do to be motivated into action is to ‘estimate and quantify’ the potential benefits that will accrue to you simply as a result of achieving what you have set out for yourself to achieve. Again, this will push you into action to do those things that will eventually bring in those results.

Also, having the welfare of your loved ones in mind motivates you into action. Just think of the joy that your: spouse, siblings, father, mother, friends, relatives etc will have over the news of your attainment of your set out goal(s). this could range from; you quitting smoking, overcoming fear/shyness/low self-esteem. Passing that professional exams, wining back the lost trust and confidence of your employee etc. it could be anything.

I have seen people get motivated simply by discovering that other people have achieved what they are still struggling to do. If you are among this class of people, there is nothing wrong with you getting motivated by applying this method provided you do not let destructive jealousy come in.

My dear friend, I want to encourage you today to get motivated, stay motivated and enjoy all the good things of life- including those that money cannot buy.