Motivate you? No I cannot because is not my responsibility

You may be surprised that this is coming from me. But that is the simple and honest truth. The best help you can ever get must come from YOU.

 I remember the ugly expression on my friends’ face one afternoon when I told him I cannot motivate him (Am sure that is the kind of expression on your face when you first saw the title of this post). He told me a story of his problem with procrastination and demanded that I motivate him. I know someone will be saying at this point “but we all need someone to lean on”. Yes, I agree with you but, wait a minute before you go on.

Have you heard of the saying that you can only force the horse to the stream but cannot force the horse to drink? The horse only drinks when he feels like drinking (i.e. when thirsty). So it is with human persons and motivation. I can tell you all the inspiring and motivating stories in this world but will end up wasting your time and mine if you are not yet hungry for motivation.

 You know how you actively search for food when you are hungry and the speed at which you descend on the food when you eventually find it. Now tell me will you be satisfied if you get to where the food is and still did not action on the food? You know the obvious answer, you have to take action (eat the food) before you get satisfaction. Being hungry for motivation is one thing and doing the things that will get you motivated is another thing altogether.

 You can read the whole books on personal development and listen to the best motivating audio books and still remain where you are if that inertia in you is not killed. Yes, kill that inertia by putting into practice all what you know. Can you now see reason with me why I said I cannot motivate you? You are the only person that can motivate yourself into action. All every other person, including me can do is to help you find reason(s) to be happy and motivated. The rest lies in your hands. Just like the philosophers will say- your destiny lies in your own hands. It becomes whatever you choose to let it be. Get motivated, stay motivated and always take action that will make you explode with motivation. To your motivated life!

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