Regrets and gnashing of teeth has become so rampant that you can hardly interview 10 people about their past without hearing 6 people use the phrase ‘I wish I had’ more than once.

This then translate into about 60% of people living a life that is filled with regrets.
So many factors have contributed to this ugly situation. But, the most pronounced causes of this ‘I wish I had’ way of life can be found below under the caption – four major causes of failure.

As you will soon be reading further, try as much as you can to effectively and practically evaluate yourself under the scrutiny of reality that you are not leading a life that will ultimately send you to the class of people that will regret ever being born into this beautiful world of ours.

The main causes of failure in life are: denial, procrastination, fear and irresponsibility. I will take them one at a time starting with denial.

A lot of people have ended up in the shackles of failure as a result of the fact that they denied their God given talents. Some do it out of ignorant while some others do it out of laziness.


You will see a gifted singer denying the fact that she or he does know how to sing. This may be caused by flimsy reasons like not wanting to sing for a community choir.
Before you know what is happening, the singing potential in the person will be killed.


This equally has some element of greed attached to it. Or how can you explain what goes on in someone’s head and heart while denying a God given talent if not the fact that she or he is avoiding a situation where he or she will be required to work without adequate compensation? If you want to escape the failure zone, start today to look out for opportunities to utilize your God given gifts – especially in the free avenues!

One of the biggest excuses that God created for us is – tomorrow. ‘I will do it tomorrow’ is the general slogan of people that failed in life. People always talk about tomorrow as if it will not ever come.

We tend to forget that today was once referred to as tomorrow.
Successful people long realized that today is the tomorrow we have been expecting and therefore ought to be judiciously utilized. I encourage you to take action now and stop procrastinating.
Fear is the reversal of faith. Fear and faith cannot smoothly co-exist. You cannot be afraid and at the same time be hopeful. Fear is the greatest enemy of success.

A fearful man is usually a failure. Though, fear can in some cases act as a motivating factor, but, only when it is utilized to our benefit – the fear of God for instance motivates us into doing good.

It is a well known fact that irresponsibility is the greatest weakness that any human being can have yet; a lot of people still dwell in the ugly bosom of irresponsibility.

We are ever ready to assign blames and never willing to assume responsibility. An average person have his or her fingers ready to point at someone else for his or her misfortunes forgetting the fact that the rest of his fingers are pointing at his or her while pointing at somebody.
The choice is all yours, choosing to live I am glad did and I wish had is all up to you.