Complacency- a sure invitation to stress and trouble.

‘Stillness’ is the greatest enemy of development. One of my mentors; Barr. Nestor-Barth Okeke, Dean, Faculty of Management Science, Anambra State University, Anambra State Nigeria will always tell us back them in school that “..You stop being a graduate the day you stop learning”. Many people seem not to understand this; they feel comfortable with the little achievement they get in life, thereby creating a comfort zone.

This comfort zone breeds complacency that eventually breeds “stress and trouble”. What we call failure today was once highly referred to as success. In this our new age (internet age), what is current today quickly become outdated in few weeks. It amazes me at the speed at which my anti-virus software on my system quickly become outdated if I don’t connect my system to the super-high-way of information (internet) for only a period of one week.

This is equally appreciable in the life we live, we quickly become obsolete if we don’t upgrade ourselves just like the softwares. While the softwares are updated with codes, we human beings are being updated with knowledge via the super-high-way of learning. Statistics has shown that people who fail to keep themselves in constant contact with knowledge bank are more prone to get into trouble that will inadvertently lead to stress and stress diseases.

Complacency is one word that every success minded individual should try and remove from their dictionary. There is a saying “pride goes before downfall”. The untold story in this saying is that downfall comes with all of its descendants which includes; stress, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, kidney and liver problem etc. if all these are the descendants of downfall, then complacency is their grandparent- making it more dangerous.

The simple way to avoid complacency is to make motivation your strong hold. A motivated fellow never stops being excited of what to do; they never have a dull moment in their life. And they are the juice and Honey of this life we are living. So why don’t you join them today by simply getting motivated, staying motivated and enjoying all the good things of life- including a trouble and stress free life. To your trouble and stress free life!

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