Babies in action

Have you ever wondered what it is that get babies happy and motivated? Are they living in a different world from ours? Or is it that they simply don’t take notice of the obstacles that we notice as adults? We have allowed things to around us to overwhelm us and build walls around our motivation, happiness and peace of mind.

Watching babies in action will help unlock so many realities that will motivate us beyond our expectation. Babies see no barriers between them and their goals. It we adults that caution them of the existence of obstacles.

There is this neighbour of mine that everybody sees as; wicked, stingy, non-accommodating, etc. He has no family. One day, while I was sitting outside my balcony relaxing, I saw this little boy of about two years old moving towards this my neighbour with rapt attention. I my curiosity to know what this man will do to this baby, I spent over three solid hours watching this baby in action.

It happened that this baby wanted to get this man’s ‘face cap’. The cap is so flashy that this baby wanted it by all means. This man yelled at him so many times and finally realized that this little child wanted to have his cap no matter how hard he tries to scare this little boy away. Do you know what happened in the long-run? This man frustratingly gave the face cap to this young chap. What a victory.

Immediately, I heard applaud coming from different angles. That was when I noticed I was not the only one watching that ‘movie’ of life. Till today even as am writing this article, I still imagine what we all would have achieved if we had learnt to hold on like that little boy.

Your view as regards what this world would look like if we all learn to live like babies will go along way to make the world a better place. So why don’t you create that indelible impact in the life of millions others today by dropping your comment on this article. You never can tell who next will be reading this article.