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1 Timothy 4:8 makes us understand the importance of spiritual exercise as  it does not only promise life for present but for the future. It is by exercising our faith that we grow our faith.

Faith is a charismatic gift that will not work or better still taken away from us if we don’t practice and exercise it. This is evident by the content of the letter of James written to all Christians scattered all over the world (James 2:14-26). Your faith can still remain insufficient if you do not back it up by actions. Even Jesus Christ Himself as God demonstrated in several places where He had to take action in order for miracle to take place.

We should be sure to receive the punishment that will come to us if we do not take action to grow the faith that we have. Without faith no one can please God (Hebrew 11:6) but, how do we do God’s will if we don’t grow in our faith?

Every human being has some degree of faith in him or her, the only difference that determines its manifestation lies in our ability to live the faith. Faith is like nerves in body that never forms if not engaged in any form of physical exercise. The only difference is that we engage in spiritual exercise to make our faith in God develop muscle and grow.

We can follow the suggestion made by Paul by giving ourselves a test of faith (11 Corinthians 13:5). A woman once gave testimony of how she tested her faith. She asked God to send forth her child to help her get salt from the store room while she was in the kitchen cooling. According to her, she was surprised when her twelve year old son who had gone to play with his mates came back and walked straight to the kitchen. When she asked the little boy why he came back, the boy simply replied “my spirit told me that you might need my help”.

Some people in the congregation saw this as a worthless testimony but, I saw it as a simple test of faith that is needed to grow our faith in the saving and miracle power of Jesus.

I can assure you that woman will be motivated to demonstrate this kind of faith that she practiced in this small and simple case in bigger and more complex situation and will get result.

I encourage each and every one of us Christians to learn to test and exercise our faith in Jesus. Remember that is dangerous to remain stagnant. Stagnancy is the most dangerous zone I have ever seen in the spiritual realm (never get complacent). Please don’t be discouraged or dismal if you try to exercise your faith and did not get instant result like the woman did when you first try it.

You may be prompted to lay hands on the sick and didn’t get 100% result. Do not be discouraged when this happens. Just throw it behind and continue to build your faith. Ask Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith to help build your faith just like He built that of His disciples. Remember the word of God in Zechariah 4:6- it is neither by power nor by might…..

This whole article is written to make you see and appreciate the importance of exercising your faith. It does not matter how small you might consider the situation to be.


Motivation to grow in faith is what every Christian need to keep the fire of God burning in their life. It is very easy for us as Christians to muster faith and lose it within a short while at the slightest test that we encounter.

Any faith that does not grow will have no option but to die naturally. I am sure that you know that we all will account for the faith that God gave to us on the last day- grow your faith; be happy, allow your faith to die; face the consequences.

A lot of spirit filled anointed men and women of God have lost their anointing, faith and miracle performing powers simply by allowing complacency to set in. That is, allowing them-selves to be satisfied with the level of faith that they have attained – no wonder we now have multitudes involving in unholy practices just to make it look as if they are still filled with anointing!

Our faith quickly whither as soon as we start dwelling in the “I am good enough attitude”, “I go to Church every day/Sunday” therefore, I am a Christian. It is a shame to live a signpost life!

Faith needs to be nurtured to growth and for us to nurture our faith to grow, we need motivation. The problem however is that a lot of Christians today find it difficult to motivate them self into doing those positive things that will enable faith to grow.

In this article are some tips to help you get the motivation to do things that will allow your faith to grow.

  • Be focused: never take your eyes off Jesus, remember what happened to Peter when he took off his eyes off Jesus while walking on the sea to meet whit Jesus.
  • Associate and mingle with those that have faith: associating with people that have faith will help you grow in faith. Faith is transferred through spiritual osmosis. This is a natural law that cannot be disputed by any living thing and this smoothly takes us to the next point.
  • Recognise the importance of prayer meetings; do remember that faith cometh by hearing the word of God Romans 10:17.
  • Seek the gift of faith earnestly: never feel okay with the level of faith that you have. If this is not important, God would not have commanded that we seek all the charismatic gifts like He did in 1 Corinthians 14:1. Notice that prophecy is emphasised here, now tell what prophetic utterance can be made with faith?
  • Always pray in tongues if you want the faith in you to grow: this is explained in the words of Paul in Romans 8:26 and 27. If you allow yourself to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will put prayers into your mouth and prophesy. This prophesy alone act as a tonic to our faith as Christians.
  • Recognise the presence of your guardian Angel: read Psalm 91:11, Psalm 34:7 and Mathew 18:10 for proof of the existence of guardian Angels. Recognising the presence of our guardian angel will make us always wanting to do good at all times and builds our faith. Visualise Christ in your fellow men and threat them accordingly- how would you attend to a person that comes into your office if you know that he or is JESUS? I bet you will put in your best to please the person. Same is true if we are always conscious of the presence of our guardian angel.
  • Experience and develop personal relationship with Jesus Christ: it is not enough to proclaim the name of Jesus as a group. You ‘as an individual’ must feel and taste the sweetness of Jesus personally for you to have that motivation to grow in faith. You can read all the available materials about Jesus and still will not have that personal contact with HIM- academic and theological knowledge cannot help you in this regards.
  • Avoid the disease of spiritual smugness: overly demonstrating the mentality of a winner in your spiritual life does not allow you faith to develop and grow. Always strive for more faith because no matter how faithful we might think we are, we are still seen as men of little faith by God. Take peter for instance, his faith was strong enough to carry him on top of water yet, Jesus Christ called him a man of little faith Mathew 14:31. Have you ever in your whole life walk on water? Yet, a man that does is still being referred to as a man of little faith. This is a perfect example of the need for improvement in the room called improvement!

My brethren in the Lord, it has been a long teaching, and I will therefore leave you here with these words of wisdom. “If there is any place you need to avoid in your spiritual life, let it be stagnant and comfort zone…. stagnant water smells.”…Chinweike!

Our faith will quickly diminish if we don’t get motivated and make our faith grow, do you remember what Mathew 25: 14-28? To the growth of your faith!


Gone are the days when gender inequalities exist. In the world of today, we all are equal; irrespective of our gender, Greek, race, colour, belief, etc.

There are however qualities that makes feminine genders real women. Those qualities are what I will be sharing with you today in this article.

Before I go on, permit me to introduce to you a special friend who inspired this writing. The world as we all know is in short supply of virtuous women (women with inner beauty) but, I have found yet another in the city of Glasgow. Her name is SABINA NATALIA SZYMONIAK, she is from Poland. The inspiration to write this came while I closely watched her do the things she is good at.

Below are 10 qualities that she possessed which coincidentally are the trademark of successful women I have been opportune to come in contact with.


  • Ability to set goals / targets and remain focused on it: goal setting is a necessary part of our daily life yet; many dwindle in this wonderful planet without setting goal for themselves. To be an accomplished woman, you need to clearly set your goals and put them down in writing.
  • Possession of strong will: it is only the tough that gets going when the going becomes tough. I sometimes see the signs of stress on her face but she still manages to press on.
  • Being affectionate/ considerate: to be productive and successful, you must be kind and considerate to people around you. A popular musician once made this philosophy popular when lean on me was released. True love is what makes the world worth living in; we will definitely not live if no one had shown us love.
  • Giving/ sharing: Zig Ziglar, a renowned motivator gave a winning formula that he called “the golden rule philosophy”. You will get all that you need- including those that money cannot buy if you help enough others get what they want. This is what business people do on a daily basis.
  • Learning: I have come to realize that the world is being packaged as a gift that will be given to the learners. This is even more important now that we live in a fast age, where what you know now quickly become obsolete and outdated if you don’t update it as soon as possible.
  • Being diplomatic: we all live a world that is political by nature where only people with high sense of diplomacy survive. This is one of the most important qualities of real and successful women. You don’t have to become a politician to have a need for diplomacy. Our daily interaction with people around us needs this quality more than any other form of interaction- this is in line with butter fly effect principle.
  • Ability to negotiate: negotiation works hand in hand with being diplomacy. Negotiation skill is worth its weight in gold, else, how can you explain the huge amount of resources spent by top managers and industry leaders learning the act of negotiation.
  • Ability to forget the past and face the future: our past are suppose to act as rung of ladder that we step on to get to a higher ground. I feel so bad when I see people turning their past into a burden that will do nothing but weigh them down. To be that woman you have always wanted to be, learn how to reconcile with your past, live with the present and embrace the future with great enthusiasm.
  • Being consistent: there is no gain being extremely hot today and extremely cold tomorrow. Inconsistency will surely not take you anywhere in life. Being consistent is the master key to success.
  • Ability to manage schedules and programs: one of the characteristics of information age is the ever presence of deadline and tight schedule. To be successful, we need to develop this high managerial skill that is today’s world demands.

One good thing about these qualities of successful and motivated women is that we all can learn them. There is no such thing as perfect timing, all you need is to take action and the process will unfold naturally. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that people are watching you in all that you do, the world is a stage and such requires that we act in ways that will be pleasing to all our audience. Find your motivation and live on. This is particularly important now that we are once again approaching year end when a lot of people make New Year resolutions without implementing them.

Like I said earlier, this is a special birthday gift I am giving to a friend whom I have leant a lot from. The only advice I have for her as she celebrate her birthday today (December 11, 2010), is that she try harder not to lose these virtues and also do the best she can to change the world around her, it doesn’t have to be giant contribution.

Happy birthday to you SABINA, silver nor Gold I have none, all I have I have given- my Prayers.

Together, we all will make this world a better place!!!


Team motivation and workforce motivation is giving a lot of business owners and business executives sleepless night in recent time. The team you want to motivate can be; your sales team, business team, or simply your employees, what matters is that all the above group are made up of humans / people will produce results- even beyond your imagination.

If you have been looking for ways to motivate your team members and your workforce, look no further as this article is packed with time tested motivation techniques that have consistently produced result.

All that is required of you is the motivation to take action so as to get the benefits you so much desire for your business.


Before we go into the business, let’s quickly look at what motivation is. Motivation simply means encouragement. You motivate people when you encourage them into taking action. On this note, below are seven ways of encouraging any group of people and bring out the best in them.


I encourage you to read with an open mind!


Call together your team members, and your workforce seat them down and analyse what led to a setback, failure, mistakes and problems encountered while trying to achieve organizational goal of your company rather than complain and look for whom to assign blames to.

This will make the people you are dealing with love and appreciate you. This act will not only motivate them to do wonders, but will earn you as a leader their respect, loyalty and love as long as they remain in your team.

Dialogue brings better solution to problems than confrontation and quarrels.


Be a positive thinker at all times. Let the enthusiasm in you radiate in such a way that your team members will look up to you for motivation and inspiration. Learn to be calm even in face of trials and difficult situation. You will be surprised that this will almost always produce result- even when all hope seems to have been lost.


There should be an exercise program for your workforce and team members. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. There is an addition to this now that all work and no play kills jack.

Good amount of energy will be release in the system of the people under your control when they play. This is evidenced by the fact that playing makes people happy and happiness have been medically proven to act as a catalyst as far as energy level is concerned.


What you listen to and what you read have a way of impacting your motivation and passion. Since they cannot be working and reading motivational books and materials, you will be doing them and tour business a favour by playing motivational tapes to their hearing.

The motivational thoughts in the tape will provoke their inner giant to go to work. Note that listening to or reading motivational tapes will not teach you or your workers anything new but, will ignite their passion to use the knowledge they already have.


Open and sincere appreciation will make a person willing and ready to lay his or her life for your sake. Genuinely add value to the people you are dealing with and notice how they will in turn reciprocate with love that will translate into productivity.


People value their opinion more than anything else. You don’t expect me to be loyal and motivated to the point of putting in my best in the progress of your company when I it is always glaring that my opinion don’t count in matters that are raised from time to time.

Make the opinion of your workforce and sales team count and notice the dramatic increase in the motivation of your team and workforce.


Thanksgiving is the shortest way the heart of humans. Even God is pleased with thanksgiving – no wonder He loves David so much!

Team motivation and workforce motivation can be easily achieved by simply thanking you’re your work force which is your most valued asset. It is funny to note that people tend to take care of their assets on a regular basis and forget to take care of their employees who are the most important asset.

Even the accounting profession is guilty of this crime!

Be informed that all that you have read thus far are not only applicable to team motivation and workforce motivation alone. They are sound motivation truths that have proven evidence of producing result in all facets of life.

You can apply the tips here in your; marriage, relationship, business dealings, sales meeting, office motivation. You can even apply the above motivation tips in your play life. Let your imagination drive you.


Many people that complain of lack of motivation are people that suffers from the fear of what people say about the.

What will my neighbours say about me if they hear that I attempted that exam and fail? This was what a young banker who had remained in one position for about eight years was telling his friend. He allowed the fear of what people will say about him rob him off the opportunity of being promoted.

We sometimes fail to realize the fact that people who fail in an endeavour ought to be applauded as they have made effort to achieve something significant. Nobody on this planet earth will ever deny that she or he has not failed in one venture or the other. Yet, feeble minded people still allow this myopic thinking to cloud their opportunity of ever making it in life

Failure should be a motivating factor rather than a source of discouragement. Dr. J. Allan Petersen puts it right when he said “everyone, at one time or another, has felt like a complete failure. Many have allowed the fear of failure to destroy them. Actually, fear is far more destructive than failure and in any area of life fear of failure can defeat you before you get started.”

Millions if not billions of people have allowed themselves to be imprisoned by fear of being labeled a failure by people that they feel respect them. A teen once confined in me that he deliberately absconded on the day of an all important job interview because he was afraid of failing and being called names by his girlfriend- what a tragic way of living? This same boy will tomorrow look for who to assign blames if he never make it in life.

This ‘what will people say about me syndrome’; is deeply rooted in pride. And pride is the fastest ‘super high way’ to unmotivated, unproductive, unhappy, unfulfilled life. A proud person today is an ultimate failure. In as much as we all need little pride in ourselves, we should not allow arrogance creep in.

A wise man once said “show me a proud and arrogant person and I will show you a total failure.”

If you really want to be successful and motivated in life, learn to live a life that is pride free.

Until you do so, you will not have a teachable personality. Being teachable takes more than a lot of us think.

That a person enrolled in a class does not mean that the fellow is teachable. It takes humility and a pride-free lifestyle to really become a learner. And learners are winners, you obviously cannot be a learner if you still lose motivation as a result of ‘what will people say about me syndrome.’

I am pleased to know that you still hung on to this article up to this point. And I am sure that you have been motivated by all that you have been reading so far?

I will encourage you to freely browse through other materials in this blog as they will surely add value to your life.

Lose of motivation is never your portion and will never be so long as you leverage on the positive power of motivation!

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Regrets and gnashing of teeth has become so rampant that you can hardly interview 10 people about their past without hearing 6 people use the phrase ‘I wish I had’ more than once.

This then translate into about 60% of people living a life that is filled with regrets.
So many factors have contributed to this ugly situation. But, the most pronounced causes of this ‘I wish I had’ way of life can be found below under the caption – four major causes of failure.

As you will soon be reading further, try as much as you can to effectively and practically evaluate yourself under the scrutiny of reality that you are not leading a life that will ultimately send you to the class of people that will regret ever being born into this beautiful world of ours.

The main causes of failure in life are: denial, procrastination, fear and irresponsibility. I will take them one at a time starting with denial.

A lot of people have ended up in the shackles of failure as a result of the fact that they denied their God given talents. Some do it out of ignorant while some others do it out of laziness.


You will see a gifted singer denying the fact that she or he does know how to sing. This may be caused by flimsy reasons like not wanting to sing for a community choir.
Before you know what is happening, the singing potential in the person will be killed.


This equally has some element of greed attached to it. Or how can you explain what goes on in someone’s head and heart while denying a God given talent if not the fact that she or he is avoiding a situation where he or she will be required to work without adequate compensation? If you want to escape the failure zone, start today to look out for opportunities to utilize your God given gifts – especially in the free avenues!

One of the biggest excuses that God created for us is – tomorrow. ‘I will do it tomorrow’ is the general slogan of people that failed in life. People always talk about tomorrow as if it will not ever come.

We tend to forget that today was once referred to as tomorrow.
Successful people long realized that today is the tomorrow we have been expecting and therefore ought to be judiciously utilized. I encourage you to take action now and stop procrastinating.
Fear is the reversal of faith. Fear and faith cannot smoothly co-exist. You cannot be afraid and at the same time be hopeful. Fear is the greatest enemy of success.

A fearful man is usually a failure. Though, fear can in some cases act as a motivating factor, but, only when it is utilized to our benefit – the fear of God for instance motivates us into doing good.

It is a well known fact that irresponsibility is the greatest weakness that any human being can have yet; a lot of people still dwell in the ugly bosom of irresponsibility.

We are ever ready to assign blames and never willing to assume responsibility. An average person have his or her fingers ready to point at someone else for his or her misfortunes forgetting the fact that the rest of his fingers are pointing at his or her while pointing at somebody.
The choice is all yours, choosing to live I am glad did and I wish had is all up to you.



It is often too easy for people to do the wrong thing instead of doing the right thing. Though, what is wrong and what is right are relative in nature but, certain norms and standards have to an extent been accepted to be right or wrong. In this article are some facts that my research revealed to me are responsible for people compromising their stands.
We do wrong for the following reasons:
• Fear of being odd: the fear of been seen as the odd person in a given setting is one major cause of losing motivation to do the right thing while you are supposed to do the right thing. Nobody wants to be called names anymore. We now live in the world of conformity where people always want to live according to the custom and tradition of the prevailing time. Learn to develop a thick skin and say no to the life of conformity.
• Fear of the unknown: so many people choose to tell lies and fail to do what is right because they are afraid of the unknown.
• Ignorant of the truth behind honesty: ignorant of knowing what is right and what is wrong is another reason why people do wrong in place of doing right.
• Financial and economic reasons: money motivation is one of the principal culprits of the reasons why people engage in doing bad. People by nature are greedy and would do all that it takes to gain financial and economic benefits. We loose motivation most times because we don’t want to loose the financial and economic benefits we stand to gain.
• Status quo: what will people say about me if I stand for the truth? How will people see me if I support to the motion that is against the opinion of the class that I am in.
• Bondage: we loose motivation for doing the right things most times because of the different bondages we have placed ourselves into. It could be that we have covenanted with the devil to always do things as we are directed to do even when our conscious is against it.
• Peer pressure: peer pressure can make us loose motivation doing the right thing we are supposed to do. Our best bet is to avoid pressures from our peers. This may be difficult to do but can be achieved if we actually wanted to do so.
The reasons for losing motivation to do the right things are numerous but the above points are the most common causes of lost of motivation.
Get motivated, stay motivated and enjoy!