Many people that complain of lack of motivation are people that suffers from the fear of what people say about the.

What will my neighbours say about me if they hear that I attempted that exam and fail? This was what a young banker who had remained in one position for about eight years was telling his friend. He allowed the fear of what people will say about him rob him off the opportunity of being promoted.

We sometimes fail to realize the fact that people who fail in an endeavour ought to be applauded as they have made effort to achieve something significant. Nobody on this planet earth will ever deny that she or he has not failed in one venture or the other. Yet, feeble minded people still allow this myopic thinking to cloud their opportunity of ever making it in life

Failure should be a motivating factor rather than a source of discouragement. Dr. J. Allan Petersen puts it right when he said “everyone, at one time or another, has felt like a complete failure. Many have allowed the fear of failure to destroy them. Actually, fear is far more destructive than failure and in any area of life fear of failure can defeat you before you get started.”

Millions if not billions of people have allowed themselves to be imprisoned by fear of being labeled a failure by people that they feel respect them. A teen once confined in me that he deliberately absconded on the day of an all important job interview because he was afraid of failing and being called names by his girlfriend- what a tragic way of living? This same boy will tomorrow look for who to assign blames if he never make it in life.

This ‘what will people say about me syndrome’; is deeply rooted in pride. And pride is the fastest ‘super high way’ to unmotivated, unproductive, unhappy, unfulfilled life. A proud person today is an ultimate failure. In as much as we all need little pride in ourselves, we should not allow arrogance creep in.

A wise man once said “show me a proud and arrogant person and I will show you a total failure.”

If you really want to be successful and motivated in life, learn to live a life that is pride free.

Until you do so, you will not have a teachable personality. Being teachable takes more than a lot of us think.

That a person enrolled in a class does not mean that the fellow is teachable. It takes humility and a pride-free lifestyle to really become a learner. And learners are winners, you obviously cannot be a learner if you still lose motivation as a result of ‘what will people say about me syndrome.’

I am pleased to know that you still hung on to this article up to this point. And I am sure that you have been motivated by all that you have been reading so far?

I will encourage you to freely browse through other materials in this blog as they will surely add value to your life.

Lose of motivation is never your portion and will never be so long as you leverage on the positive power of motivation!

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