1 Timothy 4:8 makes us understand the importance of spiritual exercise as  it does not only promise life for present but for the future. It is by exercising our faith that we grow our faith.

Faith is a charismatic gift that will not work or better still taken away from us if we don’t practice and exercise it. This is evident by the content of the letter of James written to all Christians scattered all over the world (James 2:14-26). Your faith can still remain insufficient if you do not back it up by actions. Even Jesus Christ Himself as God demonstrated in several places where He had to take action in order for miracle to take place.

We should be sure to receive the punishment that will come to us if we do not take action to grow the faith that we have. Without faith no one can please God (Hebrew 11:6) but, how do we do God’s will if we don’t grow in our faith?

Every human being has some degree of faith in him or her, the only difference that determines its manifestation lies in our ability to live the faith. Faith is like nerves in body that never forms if not engaged in any form of physical exercise. The only difference is that we engage in spiritual exercise to make our faith in God develop muscle and grow.

We can follow the suggestion made by Paul by giving ourselves a test of faith (11 Corinthians 13:5). A woman once gave testimony of how she tested her faith. She asked God to send forth her child to help her get salt from the store room while she was in the kitchen cooling. According to her, she was surprised when her twelve year old son who had gone to play with his mates came back and walked straight to the kitchen. When she asked the little boy why he came back, the boy simply replied “my spirit told me that you might need my help”.

Some people in the congregation saw this as a worthless testimony but, I saw it as a simple test of faith that is needed to grow our faith in the saving and miracle power of Jesus.

I can assure you that woman will be motivated to demonstrate this kind of faith that she practiced in this small and simple case in bigger and more complex situation and will get result.

I encourage each and every one of us Christians to learn to test and exercise our faith in Jesus. Remember that is dangerous to remain stagnant. Stagnancy is the most dangerous zone I have ever seen in the spiritual realm (never get complacent). Please don’t be discouraged or dismal if you try to exercise your faith and did not get instant result like the woman did when you first try it.

You may be prompted to lay hands on the sick and didn’t get 100% result. Do not be discouraged when this happens. Just throw it behind and continue to build your faith. Ask Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith to help build your faith just like He built that of His disciples. Remember the word of God in Zechariah 4:6- it is neither by power nor by might…..

This whole article is written to make you see and appreciate the importance of exercising your faith. It does not matter how small you might consider the situation to be.