Motivation to grow in faith is what every Christian need to keep the fire of God burning in their life. It is very easy for us as Christians to muster faith and lose it within a short while at the slightest test that we encounter.

Any faith that does not grow will have no option but to die naturally. I am sure that you know that we all will account for the faith that God gave to us on the last day- grow your faith; be happy, allow your faith to die; face the consequences.

A lot of spirit filled anointed men and women of God have lost their anointing, faith and miracle performing powers simply by allowing complacency to set in. That is, allowing them-selves to be satisfied with the level of faith that they have attained – no wonder we now have multitudes involving in unholy practices just to make it look as if they are still filled with anointing!

Our faith quickly whither as soon as we start dwelling in the “I am good enough attitude”, “I go to Church every day/Sunday” therefore, I am a Christian. It is a shame to live a signpost life!

Faith needs to be nurtured to growth and for us to nurture our faith to grow, we need motivation. The problem however is that a lot of Christians today find it difficult to motivate them self into doing those positive things that will enable faith to grow.

In this article are some tips to help you get the motivation to do things that will allow your faith to grow.

  • Be focused: never take your eyes off Jesus, remember what happened to Peter when he took off his eyes off Jesus while walking on the sea to meet whit Jesus.
  • Associate and mingle with those that have faith: associating with people that have faith will help you grow in faith. Faith is transferred through spiritual osmosis. This is a natural law that cannot be disputed by any living thing and this smoothly takes us to the next point.
  • Recognise the importance of prayer meetings; do remember that faith cometh by hearing the word of God Romans 10:17.
  • Seek the gift of faith earnestly: never feel okay with the level of faith that you have. If this is not important, God would not have commanded that we seek all the charismatic gifts like He did in 1 Corinthians 14:1. Notice that prophecy is emphasised here, now tell what prophetic utterance can be made with faith?
  • Always pray in tongues if you want the faith in you to grow: this is explained in the words of Paul in Romans 8:26 and 27. If you allow yourself to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will put prayers into your mouth and prophesy. This prophesy alone act as a tonic to our faith as Christians.
  • Recognise the presence of your guardian Angel: read Psalm 91:11, Psalm 34:7 and Mathew 18:10 for proof of the existence of guardian Angels. Recognising the presence of our guardian angel will make us always wanting to do good at all times and builds our faith. Visualise Christ in your fellow men and threat them accordingly- how would you attend to a person that comes into your office if you know that he or is JESUS? I bet you will put in your best to please the person. Same is true if we are always conscious of the presence of our guardian angel.
  • Experience and develop personal relationship with Jesus Christ: it is not enough to proclaim the name of Jesus as a group. You ‘as an individual’ must feel and taste the sweetness of Jesus personally for you to have that motivation to grow in faith. You can read all the available materials about Jesus and still will not have that personal contact with HIM- academic and theological knowledge cannot help you in this regards.
  • Avoid the disease of spiritual smugness: overly demonstrating the mentality of a winner in your spiritual life does not allow you faith to develop and grow. Always strive for more faith because no matter how faithful we might think we are, we are still seen as men of little faith by God. Take peter for instance, his faith was strong enough to carry him on top of water yet, Jesus Christ called him a man of little faith Mathew 14:31. Have you ever in your whole life walk on water? Yet, a man that does is still being referred to as a man of little faith. This is a perfect example of the need for improvement in the room called improvement!

My brethren in the Lord, it has been a long teaching, and I will therefore leave you here with these words of wisdom. “If there is any place you need to avoid in your spiritual life, let it be stagnant and comfort zone…. stagnant water smells.”…Chinweike!

Our faith will quickly diminish if we don’t get motivated and make our faith grow, do you remember what Mathew 25: 14-28? To the growth of your faith!