Gone are the days when gender inequalities exist. In the world of today, we all are equal; irrespective of our gender, Greek, race, colour, belief, etc.

There are however qualities that makes feminine genders real women. Those qualities are what I will be sharing with you today in this article.

Before I go on, permit me to introduce to you a special friend who inspired this writing. The world as we all know is in short supply of virtuous women (women with inner beauty) but, I have found yet another in the city of Glasgow. Her name is SABINA NATALIA SZYMONIAK, she is from Poland. The inspiration to write this came while I closely watched her do the things she is good at.

Below are 10 qualities that she possessed which coincidentally are the trademark of successful women I have been opportune to come in contact with.


  • Ability to set goals / targets and remain focused on it: goal setting is a necessary part of our daily life yet; many dwindle in this wonderful planet without setting goal for themselves. To be an accomplished woman, you need to clearly set your goals and put them down in writing.
  • Possession of strong will: it is only the tough that gets going when the going becomes tough. I sometimes see the signs of stress on her face but she still manages to press on.
  • Being affectionate/ considerate: to be productive and successful, you must be kind and considerate to people around you. A popular musician once made this philosophy popular when lean on me was released. True love is what makes the world worth living in; we will definitely not live if no one had shown us love.
  • Giving/ sharing: Zig Ziglar, a renowned motivator gave a winning formula that he called “the golden rule philosophy”. You will get all that you need- including those that money cannot buy if you help enough others get what they want. This is what business people do on a daily basis.
  • Learning: I have come to realize that the world is being packaged as a gift that will be given to the learners. This is even more important now that we live in a fast age, where what you know now quickly become obsolete and outdated if you don’t update it as soon as possible.
  • Being diplomatic: we all live a world that is political by nature where only people with high sense of diplomacy survive. This is one of the most important qualities of real and successful women. You don’t have to become a politician to have a need for diplomacy. Our daily interaction with people around us needs this quality more than any other form of interaction- this is in line with butter fly effect principle.
  • Ability to negotiate: negotiation works hand in hand with being diplomacy. Negotiation skill is worth its weight in gold, else, how can you explain the huge amount of resources spent by top managers and industry leaders learning the act of negotiation.
  • Ability to forget the past and face the future: our past are suppose to act as rung of ladder that we step on to get to a higher ground. I feel so bad when I see people turning their past into a burden that will do nothing but weigh them down. To be that woman you have always wanted to be, learn how to reconcile with your past, live with the present and embrace the future with great enthusiasm.
  • Being consistent: there is no gain being extremely hot today and extremely cold tomorrow. Inconsistency will surely not take you anywhere in life. Being consistent is the master key to success.
  • Ability to manage schedules and programs: one of the characteristics of information age is the ever presence of deadline and tight schedule. To be successful, we need to develop this high managerial skill that is today’s world demands.

One good thing about these qualities of successful and motivated women is that we all can learn them. There is no such thing as perfect timing, all you need is to take action and the process will unfold naturally. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that people are watching you in all that you do, the world is a stage and such requires that we act in ways that will be pleasing to all our audience. Find your motivation and live on. This is particularly important now that we are once again approaching year end when a lot of people make New Year resolutions without implementing them.

Like I said earlier, this is a special birthday gift I am giving to a friend whom I have leant a lot from. The only advice I have for her as she celebrate her birthday today (December 11, 2010), is that she try harder not to lose these virtues and also do the best she can to change the world around her, it doesn’t have to be giant contribution.

Happy birthday to you SABINA, silver nor Gold I have none, all I have I have given- my Prayers.

Together, we all will make this world a better place!!!