Good old days, does it really exist?

I hear a lot of folks saying; things were better in the olden days. This is not only a cliché, but a fallacy. Can you tell me what makes the olden days better? What is it easier to find money and happiness in the olden days? Were the days longer than it is now in the olden days? Or has sun’s rising and setting change direction?

We tend to think that we enjoyed yester-years more than today just to justify the change that has taken place in us (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). I think that the right phrase to be used is “the good new day”. Did our forefathers enjoy what we are enjoying to day? –the freedom, technology, exciting moments, etc

I want you to stop thinking about the past and focus all your attention and energy in the present and future. Ziglar advised that we should hang our yesterday’s worry on tree out side our house and notice that it will no longer be there for us carry when we eventually come back the following morning. This implies that yesterday is dead and gone as a musician rightly put it. So why killing yourself about a thing that is dead and gone?

If you really want a happy and fulfilled life, which I guess is why you are reading this article, try to live in the present while anticipating in the future. Join the wave of change; step up in your thinking, dressing, mode of communication, relationship, etc. You can never achieve that ‘YOU’ that you so much desire if you continue to live in the past. A word is enough for the wise – wake up.

Do the positive things that will get you motivated and help you stay motivated so that you can enjoy all the good things of life- To your new SUCCESS STORY!

Your habits – your vehicle, how far can it carry you?

One of the most told lies about habit is – “Habit is like colour of your skin, you cannot do without it unless you bleach. I stand (even though I am sitting) here today to tell you that if you are among these class of people, I have a message for you today; our time, this habit of yours will some day turn into your vehicle; how far you go with it is dependent on the quality of your habit (vehicle).

The reality is that habits are like clothes that we put on. We can always change them at will. Note that I said CHANGE and not to get rid of it. What this means is that you cannot do away with a habit without replacing it with our clothes.

If you are invited to party with the president of your country on one condition; that you must change the clothes you are wearing into something else that you feel uncomfortable with, wouldn’t you rather change into something they want you to wear? If you can do this just to see your fellow human being, why can’t you do it for yourself? Have you ever realized that you are a unique person that cannot be replicated in the human history – ever? That means you should be more valued than the president of your country. As far as managing your habit is concerned, you are the NO ONE CITIZEN of your country.

If you can be compelled into doing what you wouldn’t have ordinary done. Remembering that you are the CEO and president of “yourself Ltd”. Then obey the simple instruction that the CEO of “you Ltd” is giving to you today, – CHANGE THAT BAD HABIT OF YOURS. Below are some of the things you can do to change that “bad old vehicle” of yours that can not carry you far. 

  • LOVE YOURSELF: If loving oneself is not that important, God Himself wouldn’t have admonished us to love our neighbours as ourselves. If you love yourself, you will definitely do yourself good at all time.
  • Believe you can change that useless hurtful and shameful habit of yours. Believing in yourself will help boost your self-esteem which in turn give an explosive force to free you from the shackles of BAD HABIT.
  • Action: Please don’t procrastinate in doing any of the above. Remember that the best friend of people termed “failure” in life is procrastination.
  • Discipline: being disciplined is the tonic that nourishes every self-development programme we engage our self in.

One last phrase I have for you today is to get motivated, stay motivated and get rid of that ‘BAD HABIT’. To your success!

Motivation- motive of leaders

We all are leaders in our various capacities. A house wife for instance is a leader in house matters and her primary duty is to motivate her subjects. The motive behind all what she does at home is to motivate those that look-up to her for one thing or the other.

 Renowned war generals were all known for one thing – ‘to motivate their army and come out alive and victorious’. Apart from leadership, the primary motive for all that we do is to motivate something into giving us result. We for instance motivate our car by servicing and fueling it so as to get result. LOL!

Now, if motivation is the motive of all that we do, why then do most of us fail to motivate ourselves and others? Or are we forgetting that we are the leader of ‘OUR SELF LTD’ and ‘OTHERS LTD’? OK! The aim of this article is not to assign blames but to give you tips on how to become a better leader. So, find them below:

• Sacrificing our comfort: I know a lot of people will want to dispute this but, as far as true leaders and I are concerned, leadership is supposed to be synonymous with self-denial and sacrifice. After all JESUS CHRIST Himself said it that if you want to be great/leader that you must serve others. But I must tell you this with a heavy heart that what we have today as our leaders are nothing more than ‘enslavers’ they redefined leadership into something that suits them alone. But thank God you are reading this article today for if that has been your own definition of leadership also; you now have the opportunity to have a rethink.

• Encouraging people around you. To be a successful leader, you must be good at encouraging others- use bait if you can. Simple yet genuine appreciation and praise will do wonders in this regard. People will naturally see you as a leader if they get encouragement from you. Or don’t you naturally look up to those that always encourage you? If you do, then do same to others so that they will in turn take you as a leader. Forget about what is happening today- is as much as money is vital to leadership, you cannot buy true leadership with money.

• Overlooking errors. Some people will tell you to only overlook trivial errors while some others will tell you to overlook all errors. I think I will join the later group. As far as am concerned, there is nothing like ‘trivial error’ else, it will not be called an error. For the fact that the act was not intentional and you see it from the persons look, forgive and overlook it. Care should be taken here not to allow people to take advantage of that. Before you call anything error, look out for certain qualities of errors

• Being a ‘good-finder’. We have two class of people; the ‘good-finders’ and the ‘fault-finders’. Fault-finders can never be leaders. Instead, they become bullies and with this, they can never motivate others. All they do is force people into doing things that they wouldn’t have done ordinarily.

 • Basing your leadership on the principle of love. I have never seen a single factor that motivates people like LOVE. You will get all the motivation and loyalty you need from your subjects by simply showing them love and care. I tell you, when it come leadership, the power of love is awesome. So, don’t forget to make love your companion in your quest for making motivation the motive of your leadership.

These tips I have given above are time tested and trusted. Use them to get motivated, stay motivated and watch motivation naturally becoming the motive of all that you do.

To your new found leadership tool!

Who colonized success?

Very many people have condemned themselves to mediocrity. They believe that success is the exclusive right of certain group of people in the society. Unknown to them is the fact that they are the ones that ‘colonized their’ own success.

Success and failure are among those things that cannot come to us without our consent (directly or indirectly). The interesting part of it is that our life cannot be void of either (failure or success). One must surely come whether you like it or not. Find out how to move from rags to riches by reading this article with rapt attention

One common characteristics of those that condemn themselves to mediocrity is that they submit themselves to the flimsy “whims and caprices” of temporary obstacles. They forget what Henry Ford said “failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently”. Always give yourself the benefit of doubt of “second chance”. Don’t give up easily on those little tests of life.

Remember that Iron sharpest Iron. Do you know what a furnace is? I assume you know, and if my assumption is true, you will agree with me that GOLD cannot be purified unless they pass through the hottest furnace. Below are those traits or characteristics that those you think colonized your success posses.

  • Persistence: ASK THOMAS EDISON the importance of persistence and perseverance. “Success colonial master” learnt to never say NO to these flimsy “whims and caprices” of temporary obstacle.
  • Open minds’ eyes: Successful people tend to see opportunities where others are seeing threats. Your minds’ eyes are like dogs that constantly sniffing for things to take advantage of. The skills of developing these minds’ eyes are inborn in everybody. The difference is in the mental alertness – always be at alert to take up advantages as they come up. They don’t try to re-invent the wheel; they only need to realign it.
  • They are organized people: Success people are goal setters. They set goals for all they do. They manage their resources wisely. This includes their time. Try being organized today and see what it will transform you into.
  • Clarity in communication: Success masters are also masters of communication. They learn the art of communication and apply it to their everyday life. Here is what they have to say;
    1. Tell them what you want to tell them,
    2. Tell them, and
    3. Tell them what you have told them.

Looking at the above tells all about them.

  • They are also “wise sowers”:  these set of people sow freely without thinking. They sow generously in other peoples’ life. That way, they are simply attracting more abundance to themselves.

I tell you, these things are dead early; the only thing you used to do them is motivation. So Get Motivated, Stay Motivated and enjoy all the success of life. To your success party!

Fighting Stress Through financial independence

Financial struggle is one of the major factors that cause stress. Having money is not the same as being financially free. This is evident to the fact that too many rich people die of stress related disease/sickness. So how then can you fight stress through financial independence? Knowing that; money is not an end but a means to an end.

Having good money management skill is the key to financial independence and freedom. Nobody is born with money management skill, we all learnt it and you too can learn it. The following paragraphs will explain the terms you need to master to become financially independent and free through harnessing the power of money mgt skills.

  • Time value of money. The number one term that you need to be at home with is ‘time value of money’. Know the meaning of this concept and apply it in your quest for financial freedom. Apply it to your daily life activity that has any financial involvement. You will become a good manager if you understand that One Naira (1N) today is not the same as One Naira (N) tomorrow. Inflation is the number one factor responsible for this. Good financial managers do every thing within the ambit of the law to ensure that one Naira they have today brings in returns that is at least equal to the inflationary rate, to preserve the purchasing power of the money. This will smoothly translate us into the discussion of the next money management skill needed in today’s world.
  • Investment Appraisal/Decision. Masters in the art of money management understands the rudiments of investment analysis. They discount the future streams of cash flows from any particular proposal to determine its worthwhile-ness/ attractiveness. Some of the techniques they employ are: NPV (Net Present value), IRR (Internal rate of Return, PI (Profitability Index), ROI/ ROCE (Return on Investment / Return on Capital Employed), Payback period (this can be discounted or non-discounted), ARR (Accounting rate of Return), etc . of all these, the NPV has been preferred over others for good reasons. You may not need to be advanced in these techniques but working knowledge of them will do you and your finances a whole lot of good.
  • Ratio Analysis and Financial statement interpretation. If you really want to be financially free, you have to be friendly with figures or get people that will do it for you. (You can contact me if you wish, laugh!) a lot of vital information are hidden in company’s financial statements. You only get them when you analyse the financial statement.

The acquisition of the above skills (technical perhaps) will make you be open with your money matters. You see a lot of people tend to shy away from matters they are not comfortable with and often time, die in silence. And am sure you know what follows – emotional and psychological trauma- which is a super high way to stress-FUL life. The acquisition of the money management skill will also make you learn to make your money work for you and in a safe place too.

Research has shown that it brings more joy to give than to receive. When you are a master in the money management business, you become financially free. And when you become financially free, you start thinking of how to give back to the society. And you will agree with me that giving back to the society brings true joy and lasting peace of mind that will eventually translate into happiness – which are all cumulatively = TOTAL CURE FOR STRESS.

If you need clarification in any of those financial management skills, kindly post your question on this forum. To your financial freedom and stress free life!

Special birthday gift, a sure way of building a lasting relationship

Presenting special birthday gift is one sure way of winging friendship and retain it forever. There is this friend of mine IKECHUKWU OKOYE ISAAC who never cease to amaze me on my birthdays. He is always the first to call or send me SMS on my birthdays- there is no gift more special than this.

Back then in school, I used to take it as one of those normal school run but, what really got into my head and moved me was Him being the first to call me on my last birthday from The UK. His call woke me up from sleep before my other friends here in Nigeria started calling to wish me happy birthday.

As simple as this may be, its power in winning and sustaining relationship is enormous. One natural law of receiving is to be the first to give. This article is an example of this principle. He didn’t even know am writing this about him. If you want a lasting relationship, be the first to give. Give your time, your love, your appreciation etc.

The power of giving work wonders especially on special and memorable days of the recipients’ life. It could be on their birthday, wedding anniversary/ ceremony, graduation ceremony, naming ceremony etc.

Apart from calling and sending SMS, other simple gifts like greeting cards can perform wonders that you never expected. I have seen couples living together for years without exchanging gifts for once- not even on the eve of their wedding nor their wedding anniversary. What then is the TONIC of relationship if there are no gift. You  can even create simple online gift basket for the person.

It is not my intention to write a full fledge article on how to make and sustain a lasting relationship but, to wish my friend a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I just hope he somehow stumble upon this. To my other friends, I still value and appreciate you all.

Happy birthday to you I.K OKOYE!

Happiness, Motivation, Joy and Peace of mind, how I found them through owning my own website

Happiness, motivation, joy and peace of mind are among the wonders of this our present time. You don’t chase them, they naturally come to you. They don’t come to you either if you don’t do things that will attract them to you.

They come to you when you do those things that you love doing. The satisfaction that you get when you do those things you love doing cannot be bought with money. Ziglar puts it right in his golden rule philosophy “you get all you want if you can just help enough others get what they want” all that you want am sure you know include happiness, motivation, joy and peace of mind.

All of these are variables that money cannot buy. It didn’t take me much to discover that my own happiness, joy, peace of mind and motivation come from helping other people get motivated.

The only problem I had was how to reach out to as many people that need my help as possible. This troubled me for a while until I shared it with a friend who advised me to set up a blog that will serve as a medium of reaching my target audience. And this gave rise to another problem- how to set up the blog without having to learn one HTML CODE somewhere.

Again, he talked to me about hosting packages that will allow me install my blog by just clicking through a software called Simple machine (formerly called fantastico). And he finally introduced me to Bluehost a web hosting company.

I was skeptical about this company at first as they are not the only company that gives such service until I tasted their service. For a novice like me, the simplicity of installing my blog is what I enjoyed most at first until I discovered other areas that they are good at. Their customer care service is superb.

Again, I don’t need to do any upgrade manually as Bluehost notifies me of any upgrade made by wordpress and give me the option of just clicking on a button and everything will be taken care of. Another benefit I got by using bluehost is that I can add a good number of addon-domain to a single hosting package for only a monthly fee of $6.95. Though there are other companies that charge less but I personally will not recommend them to you NOW for this single reason- I have not used them.

The only major problem I personally have with Bluehost is that I don’t have access to the CNAME and A RECORD to domain names I bought from them. You have to create a ticket for their team of engineers to make the changes for you.

Today as am writing this, my mind is filled with; joy, happiness, motivation and peace of mind. The reason is that am reaching out to so many people that needs my help as possible and at the same time making money. Yes, you heard me right ‘am making money’ and doing what I love to do. What a powerful combination that brings good result.

Buying a reliable hosting package will enable you make some money without the fear of loosing your site (the source of your; joy, motivation, happiness and peace of mind).

What is that thing that you love doing so much? Are you good in Mathematics, cooking, rearing of cat etc know it today that there are people out there ready to tap from your knowledge. Share that knowledge of yours today and see yourself becoming happy, motivated and filled with joy and peace of mind.

Hey! Don’t tell me you don’t know how to reach them. Simply search for a hosting package that suits your need or join me using Bluehost not because am using it but, because  it is one of the best out there for both professional website builders and novice. Better still, do your Research– the most important thing is to be happy doing what you love.

The whole world is waiting to share from your experience. Do something today.

Get motivated, stay motivated, be happy, joyous and filled with peace of mind. To your success!